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about us

What is kamikoffee?
Kami & Kohi

Inspired by methodical and passionate Japanese coffee culture, KAMIKOFFEE is a premium.

small-batch coffee company.


KAMIKOFFEE has taken on many forms, including:

  • Served by the glass at restaurants and pop-up events throughout New England

  • Ready to drink and canned in 750ml twist-top cans

  • Brew-at-home 12oz bags of our special blend, available as whole bean or coarse ground

  • Bulk size 5lb bags available for restaurants, corporate, or private events

Our Story

The art & obsession of cold brew

Even in the harshest New England winters, you can always find someone with an iced coffee in their hands. Our founder, Frank Rondeau, was one of those cold-coffee-year-round type people. One day, while at his uninteresting office job, sitting at his uninteresting desk, Frank was shown videos of amazing Japanese coffee houses ("kissaten"). Introduced to the mizudashi method of cold brewing, Frank learned of the slow process in which cold water extracts flavors and richness from steeping ground coffee over a long period of time. Without the use of scalding hot water, cold brewed coffee is less acidic and bitter than traditional methods.

His quest to create a smooth and rich cold brew to get him through his work day soon turned into a passion. He imported his first cold brew coffee pot from Hario Japan - thus starting the "Japanese inspired" recipe and methodology that would fuel the brewing going forward.


When his long term employer sold the company and Frank was facing layoffs, this passion quickly turned into a business plan. For 5 years, he perfected his brewing methods and sought the perfect blend of coffee varietals to produce the richest cold brew. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, KAMIKOFFEE finally took root and launched in partnership with Swanson Meadows Restaurant & Event Venue in Billerica, MA. Using a unique blend of locally roasted coffee beans and utilizing a 24 hour brewing process, KAMIKOFFEE began serving cups of iced coffee to guests and patrons.


Soon, koffee was flowing at pop-up events and Cars & Coffee style meetups. A demand for more access to koffee saw the introduction of a program for Growler and Quart jar purchasing, providing ready-to-drink cold brew at home. Those with a serious koffee obsession now also have the option to buy our blend of roasted coffee beans, allowing them to cold brew or even hot brew at their convenience!

After 2 years of business, the building in Billerica was sold, and the quest began for a new home. After more than a year of searching and planning, KAMIKOFFEE was relaunched at Dirigible Brewing Company in Littleton, MA. This brand new facility offered the opportunity to scale and grow like never before, and the partnership with the brewery's owners has turned into a truly wonderful experience.

Founder Frank Rondeau
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