Frequently asked questions

What is cold brew?

​Cold brew coffee is the process of slowly steeping ground coffee using cold water to extract flavor over a long period of time. Since no scalding hot water is used, cold brew has less acidity and bitterness than hot-brewing methods while also being more caffeinated.

What makes kamikoffee cold brew special?

Our special blend of locally roasted beans has been curated to produce robust cold brew coffee, providing depth and flavor that is sometimes lacking in other cold brew products. When brewing our cold brew (or for you who want to use our blend of beans at home), we take care to ensure a full 24 hours of brew time to extract the most from our coffee.

Can kamikoffee beans be used to make hot coffee?

Yes! Our special blend makes an excellent and strong cup of coffee regardless of the method of brewing. We prefer Pour-Over or French Press methods, but your standard drip coffee pot will also produce a great cup.

Where can I find kamikoffee ready-to-drink cold brew coffee?

Kamikoffee is currently being served by the cup at Swanson Meadows Restaurant in Billerica, MA. We also offer Growler and Quart ready-made cold brew available for pickup at the same location! YOU MUST PLACE YOUR ORDER BY TUESDAY TO ENSURE AVAILABILITY FOR WEEKEND PICKUP OF GROWLERS OR QUARTS. Contact us at contact@kamikoffee.com to place an order.

Do you provide wholesale pricing for coffee beans?

Yes, our KAMIKOFFEE blend is available in 5lb bags for restaurants or clients who are interested in placing regular orders of beans. Contact us at sales@kamikoffee.com to discuss.

How can I serve kamikoffee at my event or establishment?

Cold brew koffee is available in quanities up to 5 gallons for private or corporate events located in New England! Contact us at sales@kamikoffee.com to discuss delivery radius and costs.