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Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew
Enjoy our cold brew by the cup, the quart, or the half gallon!

Kamikoffee cold brew is produced and served at Dirigible Brewing Company in Littleton, MA

Come stop by for a cup of nitro cold brew koffee, or purchase a 750ml twist-top can of ready-to-drink koffee for your home or office!

Take-home orders are brewed weekly, but sell out quickly - call ahead to check availability OR reserve some ahead of time!

Find our products at additional vendors and locations as well, recommended to call in advance to check stock and availability:

Springdell Farms, Littleton MA 

750ml cans available for purchase in the retail store

Carlson Orchards, Harvard MA

Nitro cold brew on tap at the Cider Barn and 750ml cans available for purchase in the retail store

Farm 359, Littleton MA

750ml cans available for purchase in the retail store

New restaurants, venues, & events are adding Kamikoffee to their menus in the near future!

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Want to serve or stock Kamikoffee at your business? Contact us today!

Brew at Home
Brew Kamikoffee at home with our signature blend of beans

We spent 5 years perfecting experimenting and perfecting our exact blend of coffee beans. Our signature cold brew is made with multiple varietals of 100% Arabica, single origin beans.

With our 12oz bags of coffee beans, you can brew a quality cup of coffee at home! Available as whole bean or coarse ground, our koffee brings a strong and rich flavor profile, with smoky & earthy tones, followed by chocolate and caramel notes, and finishing with a hint of fruits and berries.

While our signature blend was tailored for cold brew,  our beans also make for an equally delicious cup of hot coffee via all traditional brewing methods.

Brewing Tips:

  • For cold brewing, coarse ground beans provide the best extraction.

  • We cold brew for 24 hours (and recommend a minimum of 18).

  • Always use filtered water for the best flavor.

  • Cold brew can typically keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, but will go stale when repeatedly exposed to oxygen.

  • When brewing hot, a coarse grind is best for French Press. For traditional drip or pour over methods, we recommend our whole beans be ground at a medium setting.

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